E X C E P T I O N A L   I S   O U R   S T A N D A R D

We design fine jewelry that reflect our passion for excellence. Our uncompromising vision has lead Dabakarov to continually innovate, reinvent, and create pieces of jewelry that are unmistakably ours.


Our tireless innovations have led Dabakarov to craft AU79, our proprietary gold alloy which radiates green hues. For 10 years Dabakarov worked to develop AU79's sophisticated color, while making sure no dangerous metal are used. Perfection pushed us further, and we proudly present our innovative gold whose color will never fade. This is the new standard for gold, and it is uniquely Dabakarov.


Innovation is but one aspect of the Dabakarov tradition. Artistry comes alive in all our jewelry. A piece of jewelry is a piece of art, and it should be treasured as such. Taking inspiration from the great artists, we craft our jewelry with insight and integrity to create unrivaled beauty. Each of our hand drawn design are rigorously scrutinized so that each of our pieces are worthy of being called art.


Innovation and artistry are the cornerstones of the Dabakarov tradition. Our signature jewelry is undeniably exquisite, yet surprisingly affordable. Our passion for excellence has caught the attention of retailers and customers nationwide. We believe in our principles, and we invite you to discover the artistry of Dabakarov.